gnome-games 2.14.0
Posted on: 03/14/2006 09:04 AM

gnome-games 2.14.0 has been released

This is it! The grand 2.14.0 release of gnome-games!

The BIG changes:
- There is a new high score system. Mines, Five or More, Mahjongg, Same GNOME and Gnometris use it. Most of the changes are behind the scenes, but there is a new high-score dialog and you now have the opportunity to change the name recorded in the high score list.
- gnome-stones has been removed. Serious copyright issues were raised about the origins of some of the code and levels. Given the earlier sound effects problems and the general lack of maintenance the best course of action was euthanasia.
- Gnometris and Ataxx have new drawing engines. The old themes are no longer usable (although this may change in the future).

gnome-games 2.14.0

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