gnome-games 2.11.5
Posted on: 08/22/2005 04:40 AM

This is the final release candidate for 2.12. Testing this release is strongly encouraged. It should compile on a GNOME 2.10 system without any extra libraries.

As usual there are no new features, however there are some things that need attention:

- Aisleriot drawing code: there has been a change here that is rather
drastic for this late in the release cycle. Any drawing glitches
should be filed as bugs. When reporting the bug please describe
exactly what you were doing, the game played, and how many cards you
were dragging. Screenshots won't go amiss either.

- The aisleriot statistics dialog: if I haven't got the autoconf
magic right then the close button on this dialog may
fail. Alternatively configure may fail. In either case I am interested
in reports of this, espeically on Fedora core 3 and core 4 systems.

- Once again, aisleriot: there is a strange crash that happens very
infrequently. I have seen it myself, but not managed to get a good
stack trace. Anyone who has debugging symbols turned on and
experiences a crash -please report it. It will occur while, or shortly
after dragging some cards.

All other crashes should also be reported.

You can get it from the GNOME FTP site (or mirrors):

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