gnome-games 2.11.1
Posted on: 06/09/2005 07:27 AM

gnome-games 2.11.1 has been released

Finally, a very belated 2.11.x entry for gnome-games. A lot has changed and I've probably missed a few things, but here are the main points:

- (Slightly) improved UI for starting network games.
- Lots of HIG-conformance tweaks leading to nicer dialogs.
- Use of modern APIs and stock items, once again giving a nicer feel to the UI.

- Per-game options work again. e.g. Klondike has the option for 3-card deals.
- Valid places to drop cards are now hilighted (only on some games).
- Dropping cards in the right place is now easier.
- Double-clicking the foundation in Klondike auto-moves cards to the foundatione. Very useful at the end of the game.
- Fullscreen mode.
- Gay Gordons is guaranteed to be solvable.
- Long card lists are automatically expand and contract to fit the window.

Four in a row:
- A new game starts the moment the prgram is launched.

- Use the new high-scores dialog.

- Start a new game when the program loads.
- Removed the clock, it was useless.

- Rather than assuming clicking on a second, mismatched, tile was a
assume that the player wants to select it as the first of a different
- Fullscreen mode.

- Using the left button on a cleared square is now like using the middle button. This makes the game a lot easier for those with an awkward middle button.
- The first click is guaranteed to clear a "useful" number of squares so you don't have to blindly click and hope you don't hit a mine.
- An explosion graphic is drawn on a mine if you set it off.

- Remove the specialised key sets.

- Fast animation mode for those who are impatient.
- Better grid, background and cursor colours.

- Allow only one scrolling technique. Improve the quality of the scrolling.

- UI tweaks: the dice area behaves like a toolbar wth prelight hilighting and the like.

- Tiles get hilighted on mouse-over. i.e. the behave just like any other GTK component.

And of course a lot of bug fixes and code cleanups.

You can find it at:

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