GNOME Configurator 0.7.2
Posted on: 08/26/2004 11:12 AM

GNOME Configurator 0.7.2 (formerly COnfigurator for Gnome) has been released

A program for editing advanced Gnome settings in an easy way.


- Made the Metacity WindowMaker layout actually work like WindowMaker (ie. minimize instead of maximize - thanks to paul best for reporting this).
- The original Metacity button layout is now remembered as "Other".
- Added a french translation (thanks to Guillaume Desmottes).
- Modified the desktop file with changes from the FreeBSD port, and from the dag repository.
- Fixed a lot of smaller details - thanks to all the people who pointed them out.
- The about dialog now actually shows the name and version of the program.

Download (tar.gz)
Download (src.rpm)
Download (rpm)
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