GNOME Commander 1.2.3 released
Posted on: 12/12/2006 12:38 PM

This is bug fix to the problem introduced in release 1.2.2. Please upgrade to the latest one.

What's new since 1.2.2:

Bug fixes:
* Fixed problem #384752 (wrong permissions for new dirs)

What is it?

GNOME Commander is a fast and powerful graphical file manager, it has a "two-pane" interface in the tradition of Norton and Midnight Commander.


* FTP support.
* SAMBA access.
* Right click mouse menu.
* User defined context menu.
* Quick device access buttons with automatic mounting and unmounting.
* Latest accessed folder history.
* Folder bookmarks.
* Plugin support.
* Meta data support for Exif, IPTC and ID3 tags.
* Fast file viewer for text, images and
* Tools for advanced renaming of files, searching, quick file name search in current dir, symlinking, comparing directories.
* Integrated command line.

Where can I get it ?

Source code

817ee443d970c9efb5553b7b6103ab86 gnome-commander-1.2.3.tar.bz2
7a12df47654b080ad8ce575f5d55e512 gnome-commander-1.2.3.tar.gz


Project site

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