gnome-build 0.1.6 released
Posted on: 05/10/2007 03:55 PM

gnome-build 0.1.6 has been released:

What is it?
GNOME Build Framework. A libarary to manage different project build systems such as automake projects, makefile based projects etc.

What's new?
* Fixed build failure with sun cc.
* Fixed perl warnings.
* Fixes for cygwin build. Bug #80485
* Disable implementation of build/clean projects if no native gnu GRegexp implementation is found.
* Added support for HEADERS primary
* Fixed absolute to relative path conversion for files in the root directory (of the project).
* Fixed growing newlines at the end of files
* Fix handling of empty SUBDIRS when DIST_SUBDIRS is not empty.
* Improved dialogs and code clean up.
* Improved error reporting and display.
* Added validations for group/target/source.
* Fixed target mime types (restores correct target icons).
* Added 'dz' translation.


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