GNOME 2.7 soon in Fedora Core 3
Posted on: 07/31/2004 05:45 AM

From the Fedora mailing list:

Just a heads up - starting soon we're going to be updating FC3 to GNOME 2.7. Its a lot of packages and there are bound to be transient problems but hopefully things won't be too bad.

We'll also be going through the process (on fedora-desktop-list) of figuring out which of the new GNOME packages we'll be including in FC3. From a cursory look, those are:

- dasher
- evolution-webcal
- gnome-keyring-manager
- gnome-nettool

Appended is the list of packages which need updating. Obviously, more packages will need updating as releases upstream happen.

As this is happening, please do test and report any brokenness on fedora-test-list - we'll let you know whether its a simple transient issue or something you should put into bugzilla.

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