GNOME 2.15.3 Development Release
Posted on: 06/17/2006 09:00 AM

GNOME 2.15.3 Development Release is now available:

It is that time again. Time to get it, time to build it and time to test it. The GNOME Release Team is proud to present the 2.15.3 development release.

This is our third development release on our road towards GNOME 2.16.0, which will be released in September 2006. So go download it. Go compile it. Go test it. And go hack on it, document it, translate it, fix it.

Note that gnome-applets, deskbar-applet and pygtk all need patches which can be found here


To compile GNOME 2.15.3, you can use GARNOME (will be released soon), or the jhbuild modulesets available at:

The release notes that describe the changes between 2.15.2 and 2.15.3 are available. Go read them to learn all the goodness of this release:

platform -
desktop -
admin -
bindings -

Here are some figures about this release:

admin 2.15.3 statistics:
tar.gz: 792K total
tar.bz2: 616K total

bindings 2.15.3 statistics:
tar.gz: 21M total
tar.bz2: 15M total

desktop 2.15.3 statistics:
tar.gz: 156M total
tar.bz2: 114M total

platform 2.15.3 statistics:
tar.gz: 53M total
tar.bz2: 37M total

The GNOME 2.15.3 release is available here:

platform sources -
desktop sources -
admin sources -
bindings sources -


This release is a snapshot of development code. Although it is buildable and usable, it is primarily intended for testing and hacking purposes. GNOME uses odd minor version numbers to indicate development status.

For more informations about 2.15, the full schedule, the official module lists and the proposed modules list, please see our shiny 2.15 page:

We hope you'll love it,

The GNOME Release Team

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