GNOME 2.13.1 Released
Posted on: 10/26/2005 09:11 PM

GNOME 2.13.1 has been released

Welcome to the latest issue of "The GNOME Development Releases". With this issue, we start a new cycle (numbered 2.13) in which we will see plenty of improvements, new features, bug fixes, speedups, etc. We invite everyone to read (test?) this issue: missing an issue is like missing your plane. Hrm. Maybe it's not a good comparison. Anyway, you don't want to miss it, I assure you. Go download it. Go compile it. Go test it. And go hack on it, document it, translate it, fix it.

For those not understanding the previous paragraph, this is our first development release on our road towards GNOME 2.14.0, which will be released in March 2006.

bindings 2.13.1 statistics:
tar.gz: 18M total
tar.bz2: 12M total

desktop 2.13.1 statistics:
tar.gz: 157M total
tar.bz2: 111M total

platform 2.13.1 statistics:
tar.gz: 49M total
tar.bz2: 34M total

GNOME 2.13.1

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