Glom 1.4.0
Posted on: 03/20/2007 03:43 PM

With Glom you can design table definitions and the relationships between them, plus arrange the fields on the screen. You can edit and search the data in those tables, and specify field values in terms of other fields. It's as easy as it should be.

Glom 1.4 adds some new features and minor UI changes and includes bugfixes from the Glom 1.2.x branch.

More information and screenshots are at

*** Glom 1.4.0:

What's new since Glom 1.2.0:

* Self-hosting: Databases can now be created in a local directory, without using a central PostgreSQL server. PostreSQL is still used to host the database on your local computer. You may, for instance, send an archive of this directory in an email.

PostgreSQL is therefore now a non-optional dependency.
In future, a client-only version of Glom might be available for embedded devices.
* Details view:
- Related Records: Allow viewing of doubly-related records.
- A vertical scrollbar now allows the window to be smaller when necessary
on your screen.
* List View: Now supports static text items, static pictures, and script buttons, as the Details view already did.
* Field Formatting: Allow the user to remove a previously-chosen Also Show field.
Bug #365051 from L Davison.
* Translations: Added Import and Export buttons, so you can use the standard .po format. (Johannes Schmid)
* Calculated Fields and Button Scripts: Now uses Python syntax highlighting, via GtkSourceView. (Johannes Schmid, Dodji Seketeli)
* Added Script Library to the Developer menu, for Python code that should be reused (via Import) in several scripts.
* Added --debug_sql commmand-line option, which prints out the generated SQL commands. (Johannes Schmid)
* Adapted for the latest Postgres version (and previous versions).
* Adapted for the latest Python version (and previous versions).
* Various bug-fixes, some of which are also in the Glom 1.2.x releases.

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