Glade 3.5.0 first development release
Posted on: 04/08/2008 01:11 PM

This is the first development release leading up to Glade 3.6 has been released

Glade is a RAD tool to enable quick easy development of user interfaces for the Gtk+ toolkit and the GNOME desktop environment. The user interfaces designed in Glade are stored in XML format, enabling easy integration with external tools. In particular libglade can load the XML files and create the interfaces at runtime. The DTD for the XML files is included with libglade, and is also at Other tools are available which can turn the XML files into source code in languages such as C++, Perl and Python.

Glade 3.5.0
- Resurrected GtkScaleButton and GtkVolumeButton
- We finally have Vincent Geddes's icon choser dialog (was skipped before because of string changes)
- Not allowed to have duplicate widget names anymore (bug 442860)
- Now the first widget in a project shows up automatically when opening the project.
- Old parser was trashed and rewritten from the ground up.
- New plugin support for read_widget() and write_widget(), also create_eprop() which allows the plugin to create widgets to edit properties in the editor (accelerators are edited from the plugin now for instance).
- Dual file format support available, its a beginning, you dont get any of the GObjects that GtkBuilder supports but all widgets you were formerly using with glade can now be loaded/saved in builder format.
- Api reference docs for embedders and widget authors ressurected after 2 years, concerning integrating widgets, the docs are practically rewritten.

Glade 3.5.0 first development release

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