GitLab Adopted by KDE
Posted on: 09/12/2019 06:51 AM

KDE is adopting GitLab for use by its developers to further enhance infrastructure accessibility and encourage contributions

GitLab Adopted by KDE

Here the official press release:

MILAN, ITALY — ​ Akademy​ ​ — September 11, 2019 — ​ Today ​ GitLab​ , the DevOps platform
delivered as a single application, announced that ​ KDE​ , an international technology community
that creates free and open source software for desktop and portable computing, is adopting
GitLab for use by its developers to further enhance infrastructure accessibility and encourage

KDE is a free and open source software community dedicated to creating a user-friendly
computing experience. It offers an advanced graphical desktop, a wide variety of applications
for communication, work, education and entertainment, and a platform for easily building new
applications. Adding access to GitLab will provide the KDE community with additional options
for accessible infrastructure for contributors, code review integration with git, streamlined
infrastructure and tooling, and an open communication channel with the upstream GitLab

With the adoption of GitLab, the KDE community, one of the largest Free Software communities
with more than 2.600 contributors, will have access to an even wider range of development and
code review features with GitLab’s DevOps platform to complement current tools used by the
KDE community.

The KDE community will also be able to integrate GitLab’s single application for the DevOps
lifecycle to their development workflow, from planning to development and deployment to
monitoring. Using GitLab, KDE contributors will have access to Concurrent DevOps, and the
ability to manage and secure across stages. GitLab also provides increased visibility and
comprehensive governance and accelerates software lifecycles.

“We’re thrilled that the KDE community has chosen to adopt GitLab to offer its developers with
additional tooling and features for building cutting-edge applications,” said David Planella,
Director of Community Relations, GitLab. “KDE places a strong emphasis on finding innovative
solutions to old and new problems in an atmosphere of open experimentation. This thinking
aligns with GitLab’s goal of helping teams better collaborate on software development, and we
look forward to supporting KDE as they continue to build great software for millions of users
across the globe.”Lydia Pintscher, President of KDE e.V., said: “For an open community like KDE, having friendly,
easy-to-use infrastructure is crucial. We have spent the last two years significantly reducing the
barriers of entry all across KDE. Moving to GitLab is a major step in that process.”

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