Gimmie 0.2.6 released
Posted on: 03/24/2007 01:36 PM

This is to announce the Gimmie version 0.2.6 release. Gimmie is a unique desktop organizer designed to allow easy interaction with all the applications, contacts, documents and other resources you use every day.

Gimmie can be run as as a GNOME Panel applet or as a stand-alone application.

To see Gimmie in action, check out the Developer
Resource Page located at:


Version 0.2.6 is a very quick release to work around crashes that some users are experiencing.

Improvements in Version 0.2.6 include:

* Place toplevel applications in Other category (Mads Villadsen)
* New Administration category in Computer topic (Mads Villadsen)
* Remove topic right-click menus
* Parse Tomboy notes in main thread
* Ignore missing ~/.tomboy directory
* Support Compiz-style viewports in the pager (Tony Tsui)

You can download it here:
md5sum: 419a982f8dc2bb789d9a511ec52c50ff
size: 599KB


If you're interested in steering the future of this young project, sign up to the Gimmie discussion list by visiting


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