Giggle 0.2 released
Posted on: 03/29/2007 05:33 PM

Giggle is a graphical frontend for the git directory tracker (think of gitk on GTK+).

Bugs fixed since the last release

- Segfault when displaying revision informations (GGL-28)
- Add a changed file list (GGL-19)
- Add an icon column to the revision list and move the branch information icon there (GGL-48)
- Add ctrl+g and ctrl+shift+g to go to next/prev search hit (GGL-51)
- Add support for double clicking files in the project tree (GGL-44)
- Compile with -Werror on AMD64 (GGL-29)
- Compiler warning fix (GGL-33)
- Create/edit/save Remotes (GGL-9)
- Grouping for Files and Folders in the Project view (GGL-30)
- Improve the look of the summary view (GGL-7)
- Make it possible to go back to the "full project" revision list by
clicking on project root (GGL-43)
- Possibility to hide the Project Tree easily (GGL-45)
- Show changed files in the project tree (GGL-42)
- Stop using Glade for the main window (GGL-10)
- Tooltips don't Update (GGL-25)
- directory is not detected as a git repository (GGL-27)
- .gitignore allows beginning '/' to match files in the root directory
- Clicking an already-selected revision causes the detail pane to
reload (GGL-40)
- Desktop file category 'Application' is deprecated (GGL-39)

Other Changes

- Detect the git command in configure time (Carlos)
- Add a compact mode for the diff view (Richard)
- Add commit support (Carlos)
- Add support to add files to the repository (Carlos)
- Save window size and compact mode (Jonathon Jongsma)
- Add history (Carlos)
- Add ability to create/delete tags/branches (Carlos)

Updated translations

- de
- es
- sv

Where can I learn more about it?

Visit The project page [1] for more info and screenshots!

MD5: ef23f4c4d3d30a9338b95437828a7e03


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