gi8k 1.3 released
Posted on: 08/05/2004 07:57 AM

gi8k 1.3 has been released

gi8k is a small Gnome/Dockapp applet to measure the CPU temperature and fan status on Dell laptops. It is built on the GAI library from

**See how hot you CPU is running easily in your Gnome panel or Window Maker Dockapp bar
**See which fans are running and how fast
**Background changes color in relation to the CPU temperature: Green, Yellow, or Red
**Manually control fans by clicking inside the applet
**Set fans to turn on or off automatically when the CPU temperature reaches user defined points
**Temperature display in celcius or fahrenheit

**Graphical facelift.
**New preferences dialog.
**Conforms to most current GAI API.
**Usable as a Window Maker Dockapp AND a Gnome panel applet, using GAI to its full potential.
**Automatic fan control. Turns fans on and off according to the current CPU temperature.
**Ready for ACPI support (but I don't have working ACPI :( ).

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