GGV 2.8.2
Posted on: 01/06/2005 07:49 PM

GGV 2.8.2 has been released:

The latest and greatest - as the release name clearly shows! - in a long-lasting tradition of premium brand PostScript previewers.

What's new? Well, most importantly, the document watch feature has been ported to gnome-vfs file monitoring capabilities, fixing annoying misbehaviour of GGV while watching over remote documents. Apart from that a few minor bugs were fixed and ghostscript was caught occasionally running without the "-dSAFER" switch: this rather dangerous habit was prohibited immediately!

GGV is now also a bit less of a narcist: it does not include "GGV" in the desktop entry name - it's only "PostScript Viewer" now, following the fine examples of eog and gpdf.

The recent-files module has been updated to the one in latest libegg.

The translators were less-than-busy since the days of 2.8.1: only Christian and Vincent managed to update Swedish and Dutch translations, respectively.

Have a taste of Fredy at:

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