GFC-UI 2.3.1
Posted on: 08/24/2004 10:25 AM

A new development release of GFC-UI is available

The GTK+ Foundation Classes (formerly Inti) is an set of integrated C++ classes for developing GTK+ applications on UNIX-like systems such as Linux. GFC-UI is the user interface library and includes C++ wrappers for most objects in the ATK, GDK, GTK, GdkPixbuf and Pango libraries. There is a standard string compatible UTF-8 string class, automatic memory management, an optimized virtual signal handler system and a typesafe system of C++ signal and slots. It comes with a full set of example programs, several test applications, a GNU Autotools test project, a C++ version of the GTK+ widget demonstration program, extensive reference documentation and a tutorial.

GFC-Core 2.3.1 or higher.
GTK 2.4.0 or higher
libsigc++ 2.0.0 or higher

Enhancements from Inti 1.2 to GFC-Core 2.3.1

- New Signal System optimized for size, speed and performance.
- Uses the new libsigc2 C++ callback library. Instead of calling slot() you now call the sigc:: functions mem_fun() or ptr_fun(),
- Wrapped C objects passed to slot functions connected via class proxy signals.
- GFC objects can now be created dynamically or on the stack. Objects created on the stack no longer need to be unreferenced by calling unref().
- All functions taking a String argument have been overloaded with const char* to avoid construction of a temporary String object when passing string literals.
- Removed unnecessary GObject properties from classes that provide getter and setter functions. The only classes that use properties now are Gtk::Action, Gtk::CellRenderer and Gtk::TextTag.
- Removed the deprecated widgets Gtk::Combo, Gtk::OptionMenu and Gtk::ItemFactory. For option menus use ComboBoxText and the append_text() function.
- Removed all functions taking variable argument lists, except for the Gtk::ListStore and Gtk::TreeStore constructors.
- Gtk::TreeViewColumn functions now take a CellRenderer reference instead of a pointer.
- Changed C++ header file extension from .h to .hh to avoid confusion with C header files.
- Test progams added for the new GTK+ 2.4 widgets.
- Examples and documentation updated.


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