Getting places with Suse Linux OSS 10
Posted on: 10/19/2005 04:47 PM

Linux-Noob has posted a review on Suse Linux OSS 10

After my last Suse Linux Professional experience I was looking forward to trying out the next major release since 9.3 hit the shelves. Interestingly Novell is now very kindly offering Suse Linux 10 for free (OSS) from the following mirrors on, so if you have access to broadband you can quickly download the 5 CD's and test Suse Linux OSS 10 yourself. Be aware that by giving it to you for free, that you won't get any support from Novell, but hey, if you are geeky enough to install Suse Linux, then support really shouldn't be an issue to you.

If you do however require support, and like hands on documentation, then pull out your wallet and purchase a boxed set from Novell, that would surely make them happy :), in addition, you'll get extended support for different pc hardware architectures so for some that may be the only route to take (X86 64-bit systems). In addition to the support added to the retail version, you'll get a lot of extra packages included if you buy the retail box.

Getting places with Suse Linux OSS 10

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