Gentoo UT2003 Demo Live CD Updated
Posted on: 09/22/2002 09:29 AM

Gentoo Technologies has updated their Gentoo Linux Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo Live CD:\"A new release of our Unreal Tournament 2003 Gentoo LiveCD is now available and includes quite a few enhancements. The Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo has been upgraded to the 1080c patchlevel, fixing numerous quirks in the game itself. In addition, the UT2003 LiveCD now is now optimized for modern systems, requiring a Pentium Classic or greater to run and optimized for a P6-class instruction set like the Pentium II and III (it was previously a relatively unoptimized i486+ CD.) The CD now supports monitors with and without EDID functionality as well as wheel mice. In addition, machines with 512MB or more of RAM can now cache the entire UT2003 Demo to tmpfs (RAM) to dramatically enhance load-time performance. Oh, and SoundBlaster PCI 512 cards will now be correctly detected."\Download

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