Gentoo Linux 1.4rc2
Posted on: 12/30/2002 11:08 PM

Saw over Distrowatch that a second release candidate of Gentoo Linux 1.4 is to be released on the final day of 2002

The last release candidate prior to the final version of Gentoo Linux 1.4 is scheduled to be released on December 31st. As several Gentoo users have already discovered, most of the 1.4_rc2 files have already been placed on ibiblio. Last minute additions to rc2 not ready at press time included some finishing touches to the installation CDs (LiveCDs) and documentation. New to the 1.4_rc2 release are: the first release of the Gentoo Reference Platform (GRP) -- a collection of ebuilds specifically tested for stability; new LiveCDs with increased hardware support, better technology and more eye candy; upgraded versions of gcc, binutils, portage and many other packages. Users interested in living on the bleeding edge can see the new LiveCD technology in action by trying out one of the experimental LiveCDs

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