Gentoo Linux 1.4_rc3 Released
Posted on: 02/27/2003 09:47 PM

Gentoo Linux 1.4_rc3 has been released

Time to heat up those CPUs, Gentoo Linux 1.4_rc3 has been released! You can find LiveCDs and stage tarballs at our master mirror. Supported platforms include x86, PowerPC, Sparc and UltraSparc. Additionally, the x86 installation documentation, PPC installation documentation, and Sparc/UltraSparc installation documentation have all been updated to reflect the changes in 1.4_rc3.

Many changes have been made to this version, with the most notable being significant improvements to the LiveCDs. Due to the Release Candidate nature of 1.4_rc3, full sets of the Gentoo Reference Platform packages have not been produced, but they will be included in 1.4_final.

Support for 1.4_rc3-related issues can be obtained from the Gentoo Linux Forums, the various Gentoo Linux mailing lists and #gentoo on For bug reports, please check our bug database.

Thanks to all who have contributed to the 1.4_rc3 release, and we hope to build upon this and have a great 1.4_final!


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