gedit 2.7.90
Posted on: 08/01/2004 03:32 PM

gedit 2.7.90 has been released

gedit 2.7.90 is out, see below for a list of changes since the last release. This is a development release, so the usual warnings apply.

Due both to the feature completeness of the current version and to the lack of time of the developers, during this devel cycle gedit didn't have any major changes so it should be fairly stable, but testing and bug reporting are appreciated non the less.

New Features
- Add a command line option to specify the encoding (Paolo Borelli)

- Adapt to the new Mime system (Ray Strode)
- Always update the sensitivity of "Move to new window" (Madhan RajM/Paolo Maggi)
- Remove annoying alert when creating a non-existent file (Vinay)
- Hopefully fix for good the recent files locking (Paolo M.)
- fix accessibility issue in Open Location dialog (Padraig O'Briain)
- avoid multiple about dialogs for the plugins (Paolo B.)

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