Geary 0.12.2 released
Posted on: 05/03/2018 08:13 AM

Geary 0.12.2 has been released. Geary is an email application built around conversations, for the GNOME 3 desktop. It allows you to read, find and send email with a straightforward, modern interface.

Geary 0.12.2 released

This is a bug fix and translations update release, with a number of bugs and usability issues fixed, as well as improved translations of the user interface.

This latest version is now available for installation from Flathub. See the Geary web site for installation details and other installation options:

Version 0.12.2

Bug fixes included in this release:
* Fix being unable to remove attachments from a draft. Bug 792555.
* Ensure drafts are removed when composer from address changes accounts. Bug 778976.
* Workaround composer info label being too long. Bug 790435.
* Ensure embedded composer is always scrolled to when opened. Bug 778027.
* Don't display quote expander buttons when printing a message. Bug 795216.
* Fix composer detach button position and visibility. Bug 793710.
* Actually fix second multipart/digest message body not being displayed. Bug 788637.
* Ensure gnome-control-centre knows in advance Geary uses notifications.
* Fix gnome-shell notifications missing an icon under flatpak. Bug 790103.
* Fix message body quote button styling under WebKitGTK 2.20.
* Don't show unused header widgets when showing a message via notifications.
* Work around present() not actually raising windows under Wayland. Bug 776881.
* Reduce CPU use when idle. Bug 783025.
* Fix some serious run-time memory leaks.

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