GDM (stable)
Posted on: 05/08/2004 03:32 AM

GDM (stable) has been released

This release has some major bugfixes especially some long pending PAM fixes and basically I integrated a bunch of patches from bugzilla. Also the IPv6 support is now off by default since it's still not as reliable as the IPv4 code, and really, if you need IPv6 for your private lab of X terminals, there is something wrong with your head. It does make for a good buzzphrase however: "IPv6 enabled!"


Some of the highlights of 2.6.0.x over 2.4.4.x

- The login sound stuff is configurable
- flexiserver improvements, especially in the UI
- Accessibility work, including possibility to set themes from the standard greeter
- Optional info message on login (like motd or something like that)
- Improvements to the SUP socket protocol
- IPv6 support (must be enabled with --enable-ipv6=yes)
- Use GtkFileChooser (yay)
- Mucho fixes and some further security paranoia
- Many translation updates
- Translated docs from the sun guys

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