GDM2 2.20.4 (stable)
Posted on: 03/11/2008 09:01 AM

GDM2 2.20.4 (stable) has been released

The 2.20.4 release is a stable release of the GNOME Display Manager (GDM) program with the following bug fixes and improvements:

- The Custom Widgetry code in gdmgreeter was broken, and would not create the /var/lib/$DISPLAY.GreeterInfo file properly. Due to the move away from vicious-extensions and towards GKeyFile, the format of this file changed slightly to INI format with the [GreeterInfo] group. The docs were modified to explain this change.

- Now the default local and remote welcome strings ("Welcome" and "Welcome to %n") are translated. (Wouter Bolsterlee, Brian Cameron, Frederic Crozat)

- If the user picks the default local welcome string to be used as the remote welcome string, or vice versa, then the strings will be translated also. (Brian Cameron, Frederic Crozat)

- Get default locale from LC_MESSAGES rather than from g_get_language_names. Fixes bug #517670. (Ray Strode)

- Honor GTK+ default password character rather than hardcoding to '*'. The docs were modified to explain this change. Fixes bug #477881. (Alexander "weej" Jones)

- Provide better tooltip for entry field in gdmgreeter. (Roberto Sarrionandia)

- Get the environment variable XDG_DATA_DIRS before clearing the environment variables. This way if the user sets XDG_DATA_DIRS before running GDM, this should now be honored. (Brian Cameron)

- Fix gdmsetup bug that was causing the Welcome (local and remote) message to not be saved properly when changed. (Brian Cameron)

- Fix the setting of the custom command NOTIFY key to avoid crashing then changing the label values of a custom command in gdmsetup. (Brian Cameron)

- Add include of "gdm-log.h" to daemon/verify-crypt.c and daemon/verify-shadow.c to fix compile issue on some platforms. (Simon Munton)

- Translation updates

GDM2 2.20.4 (stable)

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