GDM2 2.15.3 (unstable)
Posted on: 05/16/2006 06:00 AM

GDM2 2.15.3 (unstable) has been released

The 2.15.3 release is an unstable release of GDM with the following new features:

- No longer use popt in favor of glib's GOption command line parsing. Note that this removes the single-dash options GDM used to support (such as the gdm -nodaemon option which is now --nodaemon) which were originally supported so GDM would be more like XDM. Users who depend on the single dash options will need to change to use the non-deprecated double-dash options. (Christian Kirbach)

- Fix bug that was causing ShowGnomeFailsafeSession and ShowGnomeXtermSession configuration values to not work. (Brian Cameron)

- Now add gdm-ssh-session to distribution tarball, and fix the ssh-session.desktop file so that it sets the right TryExec value even if --libexecdir isn't passed into configure. (Brian Cameron)

- Use ngettext in gui/gdmcommon.c for building the Timed Login message. (Benoit Dejean)

- Translation updates (Chao-Hsiung Liao, Gora Mohanty, Ankit Patel)

- Release notes now have correct download directory listed below.

GDM2 2.15.3 (unstable)

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