GDM2 2.14.5 (stable), the "SuperNovaBlastThree" Release
Posted on: 05/03/2006 08:34 AM

GDM2 2.14.5 (stable) has been released

The 2.14.5 release is a stable release of GDM that fixes a security related issue discovered in GDM 2.14.4 only. I recommend not using GDM 2.14.4. Refer to bug details mentioned below for more information.

2.14.5 stuff:

- Explicitely adjust the effective GID before running the child session program to avoid remaining with high privileges. Fixes bug #340347.

- Updated config/gettextfoo.h to reflect current strings for translation. Fixes bug #340017. (Brian Cameron)

- Updated comments in GDM configuration files (Brian Cameron)

GDM2 2.14.5 (stable)

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