gconf-editor "Favola di Venezia" 2.7.0 released
Posted on: 05/29/2004 03:16 AM

gconf-editor 2.7.0 is out

This is a development release for GNOME 2.7.0. People wanting a stable release should get gnome-2-6 branch. Some big changes in this release, but the funniest will come over the next ones (search, edit mandatory and default settings...).

I would like to remark and thank new contributions from people comming from the GNOME Love project: James Bowes and Alberto Ruíz. Thanks to you!!!

- Use GNOME libraries (Shakti Sen)
- Add Help support (Shakti Sen)
- Use GNOME standard about dialog (Bug #88279)
- Make menu icons follow menus_have_icons preference key (Mariano Suárez-Alvarez)
- Show an alert when the key has no schema (Bug #110745)
- Replace use of item factory with ui manager (James Bowes from the GNOME love fame!)
- When removing an item in the list edito, select the next or the previous one (Alberto Ruíz, Bug #142994, also a new contributor from the GNOME love and live hacking at guadec-es!)

- Fix crash when nothing is selected (Richard Hult)
- Don't show hidden widgets on new windows.
- Fix compilers warning and build stuff on AIX.
- Don't escape keys (Bugs #135807 and #136400)
- Fix a crashing bug in the unref code (Bugs #124662 and #136631)
- Fix the cell editor for float values (Bug #137468)
- Fix a crash when launching gconf-editor with a invalid key path (Bug #136381)
- Allow the notebook in the key editor to fill and expand. (Fix #138557)

Notice that gconf-editor is now maintained by Corto Maltese, but as he usually doesn't answer his email, and he is doing long trips and taking part in amazing adventures (sometimes funnier than hacking on GNOME) I am taking the boring part of commiting patches and making releases. So, if you want to give some love to gconf-editor, send patches or any other issue, please contact me and I'll try to do my best.


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