gcalctool v5.6.31 [stable]
Posted on: 09/03/2005 04:01 AM

Gcalctool is the default GNOME desktop calculator.

It has Basic, Advanced, Financial and Scientific modes. Internally it uses multiple precision arithmetic to produce results to a high degree of accuracy.

This release is for the GNOME 2.12.0 (Final) distribution.

Changes since the last gcalctool version (5.6.28).

* Fixed bug #314540. The libparser.a library needs ranlib run on it
for Mac OS X.

* Fixed bug #314375. Replaced usage of malloc.h with stdlib.h in

* Translations (thankyou!):

Alexander Shopov - bg.po: Updated Bulgarian translation
by Alexander Shopov
Priit Laes - et.po: Translation updated
by Ivar Smolin.
Telsa Gwynne - cy.po: Updated Welsh translation
from Chris Jackson.
Changwoo Ryu - ko.po: Updated Korean translation
by Young-Ho Cha.
Duarte Loreto - pt.po: Updated Portuguese translation.
Christophe Merlet - fr.po: Updated French translation.
Jordi Mallach - ca.po: Updated Catalan translation.
Jordi Mallach - ca.po: Updated Catalan translation.
Nickolay V. Shmyrev - ru.po: Updated Russian translation.
Evandro Fernandes Giovanini - pt_BR.po: Small fix on
Brazilian Portuguese translation.

You can download this new version from:


[Although some of the ftp mirrors may take a little while to sync].

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