Gcalctool 5.22.1
Posted on: 04/08/2008 09:10 AM

Gcalctool 5.22.1 has been released

The Gcalctool team is proud to annouce the release of Gcalctool 5.22.1. This release contains the following changes:
- Fix for bug where the initial zero in the display was not cleared (bug #520525)
- Support bracket and multiply keys on non-english keyboards (bugs #521620 and #526671)
- The replacement of sprintf() and strcpy() with the safer snprintf() and strncpy() (bug #520769)
- Remove a .svn directory from the release tarball (bug #524025)
- Updated translations bg(Yavor Doganov), en_GB(Philip Withnall), et(Ivar Smolin), pl(GNOME PL), sk(Marcel Telka).
- New maintainer; Robert Ancell takes the reins from Rich Burridge.

Gcalctool 5.22.1

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