GARNOME Weekly Build: 20050819.1645
Posted on: 08/19/2005 02:40 AM

GARNOME Weekly Snapshot Build: 20050819 has been released

GTK+ 2.6.10 is included in the stable series, which fixes the crashers some
people were experiencing in Nautilus and Epiphany, other than that -- just version bumps.

The unstable series has had version bumps for a bunch of post-2.11.91 stuff
-- as well as a number of new applications in the lead up to 2.12.0 (including gnome-power-manager, which was heavily requested).

As for patches, 2.11.x includes a rollup of Bob Kashani's pilot-link patche
s for gnome-pilot and friends, a possible fix for the 'Empty File of Doom' bug in Nautilus and compile fixes for control-center and gnome-applets.

In addition, the unstable release uses a hand-rolled librsvg release -- see
: for why's and wherefores, if there are bugs you find with it, feel free to re-open the bug and yell loudly for a real release to be made.

Anyway ...

First time users of the Weekly Builds should note:


They are simply snapshots of the latest GARNOME working tree, with build patches -- in no way are they tested as extensively as the actual releases are -- if you're looking for a tested desktop solution, grab the versioned releases instead.

Snapshot tarballs are marked as GARNOME-$(majorversion)-$(date).$(time) and can be downloaded from:


Any questions, join the IRC channel (#garnome on irc://, or

join the GARNOME mailing list.

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