GARNOME Weekly Build: 20050804.1745
Posted on: 08/04/2005 04:37 AM

GARNOME Weekly Snapshot Build: 20050804 has been released:

Long time. no release -- was going to do once last week, but ended up worki
ng on 2.11.90 instead.

A number of little patches and improvements to the stable series, as well
as a new version of glib/gtk+/pango to play with.

The unstable series has had version bumps for glib/gtk+, security fixes for
dbus, and the addition of gnomebaker (a neat, but un-HIGified CD burning app) to geektoys/ as well as some new patches from Joseph and Bob to correctly detect and use Firefox when applicable.

First time users of the Weekly Builds should note:


They are simply snapshots of the latest GARNOME working tree, with build patches -- in no way are they tested as extensively as the actual releases are -- if you're looking for a tested desktop solution, grab the versioned releases instead.

Snapshot tarballs are marked as GARNOME-$(majorversion)-$(date).$(time)
and can be downloaded from:


Any questions, join the IRC channel (#garnome on irc://, or

join the GARNOME mailing list.


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