GARNOME Weekly Build: 20050714.1730
Posted on: 07/14/2005 06:43 AM

A new weekly snapshot build of GARNOME has been released:

Following the 2.10.2 release earlier in the week, 20050714.1730 is out the door for your testing pleasure.

No real changes in the stable series, except a possible fix to the gst-ffmpeg registration problem that has been reported with 0.8.5, it falls into the category of WORKSFORME, but then -- I could never duplicate the original bug as it was ... so.

The unstable series has a number of version bumps, tweaks and fixes -- hich incorporate most of the 2.11.{4/5} DDP releases, as well as:

* Firefox might build run with the correct combination of

--disable-debug flags (Joseph, guenther, me)

* Mono and friends (Joseph)

* Clearlooks 0.6.x support (Bob, me)

* Portability for our DocBook catalogue build script (b.g.o #118708)

* The ability to build GARNOME unattended (ie. it will no longer prompt for root passwords and the like, it'll just ignore things with those requirements) (guenther)

First time users of the Weekly Builds should note:


They are simply snapshots of the latest GARNOME working tree, with build patches -- in no way are they tested as extensively as the actual releases are -- if you're looking for a tested desktop solution, grab the versioned releases instead.

Snapshot tarballs are marked as GARNOME-$(majorversion)-$(date).$(time) and can be downloaded from:


Any questions, join the IRC channel (#garnome on irc://, or join the GARNOME mailing list.

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