GARNOME 2.9.91
Posted on: 02/11/2005 08:06 AM

GARNOME 2.10 Beta 2 has been released

The latest 'we're tracking development' version of GARNOME distribution for those who want hang out on the bleeding edge of development, but don't want to worry about package names and dependencies is out and about.

This release incorporates the GNOME 2.10 Beta 2 Desktop Developer

Platform. After the successful testing of many of the patches that were included in the last version, a number of important upstream bugs were resolved and/or fixed -- one more step to world domination, if you ask me.

GARNOME 2.9.91 includes a bunch of new toys for people to play with -- including:

* Tomboy (the most requested item in GARNOME 2.9.x to date)
* Coaster
* Evince
* Liferea
* and more :)

Download (MD5: 151e701d1478885866499757885dbe32)

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