Posted on: 12/09/2004 06:52 AM

GARNOME has been released

So 2.9.2 had a few minor issues that caused it to be relatively unbuildable by humans -- hopefully this version corrects all of them.

Bugs fixed since 2.9.2:

* The cyclic dependency in gnome-menus has been fixed [#160693]
* The obseleted patch from gnome-vfs has been removed [#160692]
* libgnomeprint actually detects a CUPS installation and compiles
libgnomecups accordingly [#160698]
* Nautilus compiles against libexif 0.5.x or 0.6.x.
* control-center actually compiles against GNOME 2.9.x now.

Download (MD5: c04540f59db40f123b53541b6a3af5fb)

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