GARNOME 2.13.91 (aka 2.14.0 Beta 2)
Posted on: 02/16/2006 11:47 AM

GARNOME 2.13.91 (aka 2.14.0 Beta 2) has been released:

We are pleased to announce the release of GARNOME 2.13.91 Desktop and Developer Platform. This release includes all of GNOME 2.13.91 (aka 2.14.0 Beta 2) plus a whole bunch of updates that were released after the GNOME freeze date.

* If you want to help out spotting or squashing bugs,
* this release is for you!

It is for anyone who wants to get his hands dirty on the development branch, or who'd like to get a peek at the next stable version.

MD5: eea976ff1438594e81aa893092a4375f

If you want to track GNOME progress even closer and like to live on the bleeding edge of releases, have a look at our project site. GARNOME, the build utility, is being constantly and (almost) instantly updated. The build tree is available through CVS and daily snapshots.

Note: GNOME 2.13.x is an unstable branch and is assumed to be a moving target. Therefore, things in this release may not work as advertised. If you find any issues with this release, then please consider joining the #garnome channel on GIMPNet (irc:// or post to the mailing list.



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