GARNOME 2.11.90
Posted on: 07/29/2005 04:38 AM

GARNOME 2.11.90 has been released:

This release incorporates all of the GNOME 2.11.90 (aka. Beta 1) Desktop and Developer Platform, including glib/gtk+ 2.7.x and cairo.

This release has also had a little more polish to ensure that the build system builds and links against things in your GARNOME directory, and not your system one, hopefully cutting down on errors relating to pesky '.la files' that some distributions insist on shipping in their -devel packages.

That said -- and while this release has actually been more stringently tested than it's snapshot counterpart -- it's still likely to do things that are weird and unexpected ... maybe ... that's just the nature of the beast.

Evolution users, who are using IMAP4 for their mail may want to take extreme amounts of caution when trying to access their mail in this version -- we've included a patch that *should* fix it, but we're not promising anything.

In particular, GCC 4.x users may want to take a look at: and then uncomment the CFLAGS workaround in your file before beginning your build.

Aside from that, READ the README's, join the mailing list, use the IRC channel -- and most of all, report bugs -- all of which will help make GNOME 2.12 a happier and safer place for everyone.

MD5: c2aa8569576054c789c8f4ab7522690f

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