GARNOME 0.25.0 is out
Posted on: 07/14/2003 10:48 AM

FootNotes reports that GARNOME 0.25.0 is out

GARNOME - the bad-ass, bleeding edge GNOME distribution for testers and tweakers everywhere. If you're dying to test the latest GNOME development releases, but don't want to fall into the depraved addictions and co-dependencies of testing from anonymous CVS, then GARNOME is for you.

In other words, GARNOME is a build tool for GNOME which includes the developer platform and desktop releases, as well as a host of other kickarse software. Everything is as easy to build as 'make install'. We call it a 'distribution' because it's sanity-tested and often patched before release, for your convenience, enjoyment and testing pleasure! ;-)

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