Games Knoppix 3.7
Posted on: 12/07/2004 07:58 AM

Games Knoppix 3.7 has been released

Finally, the first release of the Games Knoppix (St. Nicholas Day Release) is ready for download. Please use this link to get to the Bittorrent page.

The following games have been lately added:

* Castle-Combat
* Globulation 2
* Hatman
* Kobodeluxe
* Miniracer
* Pingus
* Rafkill
* Lots of small games

If there is a graphic card with possible acceleration detected, you will be asked whether you want to use the Nvidia/ATI drivers. To use this option, you need at least 400 MB RAM. 512 MB RAM are enough for smooth gaming.

The joystick configuration tool is startet via 'joystick-config' inside the console. We'll add a small HOWTO about how to turn your Linux box into a game console soon.  ;)

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