GAlbum 0.1
Posted on: 11/27/2006 05:12 PM

GAlbum 0.1 has been released:

GAlbum is currently a small photo album application for Gtk+ and GNOME. It aims to be a system for media data management.

Release 0.1 is available as

This is a very early prototype so the current functionalities are limited. More functions of media management will be added in following versions.

The GAlbum contains an internal scripting language called Squirrel and the high level logic is implemented as a script in that language. The source also contains libffi and squirrel-gtk, Gtk+ binding to Squirrel.

GAlbum is developed using the GNU Arch revision control system. The latest source can be checked out from the Arch repository at this location:

Comments and bug reports can be sent to

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