G System 0.5 goes BETA
Posted on: 04/27/2005 04:57 PM

G System 0.5 goes BETA

The G System is a free simulation framework and virtual reality. The framework provides network distributed operation, which allows for huge simulations. The virtual reality created with the G System, called G Universe, focuses on evolution, thus creating a virtual, multi-user, evolving universe with both adventurous and scientific aspects.

Many months after the 0.4 release of the G System, the 0.5 release series is finally dawning. As already hinted by the 0.4 release, this new release is the first with real network support, among many other improvements. Building on the XMPP standard, the G System is an open network with XML based communication.

We decided to provide a BETA before the final release to allow well testing, in particular of the network code. The BETA period depends on user feedback and bugs we encounter but will be approximately one or two weeks.

The current release contains all libraries, a demo (gdemo), a KDE based configuration utility (god), a server frontend (guniverse) and a KDE based client (guniverseclient). There is also plenty of documentation available, including an API reference.

If you would like to join the virtual universe and help us to provide a stable 0.5 release, or are just excited about the G System in general, please download the BETA release and contact us at the user mailing list. Bugs should be sent to the bugs mailing list. We appreciate your support and feedback and hope to bring you an interesting and enjoyable evolving universe. Please make sure that you register at least to the user mailing list, important BETA testing information will be posted there like server downtimes and updates. You can also ask any questions regarding the BETA release on the user mailing list.



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