G System 0.4.0 is released
Posted on: 09/25/2004 05:19 AM

G System 0.4.0 has been released

Finally, the 0.4 release series of the G System has started. Many improvements to the system were made, among the most incredible feature improvements is the world generation framework.

The first step to make an universe simulation is to create the universe. The 0.4 release series focuses on exactly this. The world generation framework allows to create random but deterministic world content. Thus an almost endless universe can be created with minimal effort.

But will such an universe not be too boring? No, the goal of the G System is to simulate a living, evolving and realistic universe. The creation of the universe is just one aspect, a created universe will evolve into many unique places, whole cities built up by the users taking part in the simulation. Social interaction creating impacts on the world and observing the whole evolution of the evolving life. These aspects will be developed and make the G System complete where world generation is one interesting part this release already offers.

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