Fedora Update: openoffice.org-1.1.0-15
Posted on: 04/15/2004 03:45 PM

An updated OpenOffice package has been released for Fedora Core

Fedora Update Notification

Name : openoffice.org
Version : 1.1.0
Release : 15
Summary : OpenOffice.org comprehensive office suite.
Description :
OpenOffice.org is an Open Source, community-developed, multi-platform office productivity suite. It includes the key desktop applications, such as a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager, formula editor and drawing program, with a user interface and feature set similar to other office suites. Sophisticated and flexible, OpenOffice.org also works transparently with a variety of file formats, including Microsoft Office.

Usage: Simply type "ooffice" to run OpenOffice.org or select the requested component (Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress, etc.) from your desktop menu. The ooffice wrapper script will install a few files in the user's home, if necessary.

Note that this release does not support GPC polygon clipping, but instead uses libart to do the same thing.

The OpenOffice.org team hopes you enjoy working with OpenOffice.org!

Update Information:

This update fixes a security vulnerability in the neon included in OpenOffice.org (CAN-2004-0179). It also explicitly adds a dependency on Mozilla which has always existed. This dependency will be removed again in the next update since it appears to cause problems however.
* Mon Apr 05 2004 Dan Williams dcbw@redhat.com 1.1.0-15

- Fix CAN-2004-0179 (neon format string vuln)
- Add missing Mozilla Requires:

* Fri Mar 12 2004 Dan Williams dcbw@redhat.com 1.1.0-14

- Detect and use Agfa Monotype fonts
- Add font replacements for Century Gothic and Verdana
- Don't die when TrueType fonts have bad name table strings (RH #117440)

* Tue Feb 10 2004 Dan Williams dcbw@redhat.com 1.1.0-13

- Remove OOo setup menu entry
- Remove some python test stuff too
- Delete the ~/.openoffice/user/work link when upgrading since people
seem to inadvertently wipe their home directories because of it

* Fri Feb 06 2004 Dan Williams dcbw@redhat.com 1.1.0-12

- Remove creation of the ~/.openoffice/user/work link in wrapper

* Thu Dec 11 2003 Dan Williams dcbw@redhat.com 1.1.0-10

- Use configimport.bin to replace nasty 'sed' stuff in wrapper script
- Switch back to soffice1.bin
- Fix "perpetual re-install" problem with wrapper script (due to empty
~/.sversionrc file)

* Sat Dec 06 2003 Dan Williams dcbw@redhat.com 1.1.0-9

- Fix building on single processor systems. Ooops.

* Wed Nov 26 2003 Dan Williams dcbw@redhat.com 1.1.0-8

- Disable building of Mozilla AB integration on Shrike since the system
mozilla was built with gcc 2.96 and we build with gcc 3.2
- Add Java-enable switches to allow building a Java-enabled version
- Add libart_lgpl-devel to BuildRequires, allow versions lower than
- Make splash screen not annoying
- Switch to more prelink-optimized soffice2.bin

* Wed Nov 26 2003 Dan Williams dcbw@redhat.com 1.1.0-7

- 1.1.0-7 was internal-only test build getting RHEL3 and RH9 support

This update can be downloaded from:

ae1f37beb0eb4bce23c3672995d1dcc8 SRPMS/openoffice.org-1.1.0-15.src.rpm
16eaf47384550e2e396dda22dc274d6b i386/openoffice.org-1.1.0-15.i386.rpm
c45a42a3c81d692d718f888dbf128ffe i386/openoffice.org-libs-1.1.0-15.
d3684baeda7862c07cc36c3a2ee9449d i386/openoffice.org-i18n-1.1.0-15.
75bd6ccfcc7713b8609651d9b1abcb98 i386/debug/openoffice.org-debuginfo-
16eaf47384550e2e396dda22dc274d6b x86_64/openoffice.org-1.1.0-15.i386.
c45a42a3c81d692d718f888dbf128ffe x86_64/openoffice.org-libs-1.1.0-15.
d3684baeda7862c07cc36c3a2ee9449d x86_64/openoffice.org-i18n-1.1.0-15.

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.

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