Fedora Unity Fedora Re-spin 20100303 released
Posted on: 03/20/2010 10:53 AM

The Fedora Unity Project has released a new ISO Re-Spins of Fedora 12.

These Re-Spin ISOs are based on the officially released Fedora 12 installation media and include all updates released as of March 3, 2010. The ISO images are available for i386, x86_64, architectures via Jigdo or Torrent starting Thursday, March 19th, 2010. Despite problems in this Re-Spin we, Fedora Unity, have decided to release this Re-Spin with the following side-note:

*** We regrettably release this as a DVD only Re-Spin due to issues we found while testing the CD images. We are working hard to fix these issues, the CD images will be in future releases. ***

Testing Results

A full test matrix can be found at our Test Matrix.

Please Notice the missing packages stated in the Gold vs Re-Spin Comments. Most of these are caused by packages being replaced or no longer needed by other packages over the lifespan of the release, some are missing because of changes to comps.xml.

We would like to give a special thanks to the following for testing this Re-Spin:

- vwbusguy Scott Williams
- Southern_Gentleman Ben Williams
- kanarip Jeroen van Meeuwen
- fenrus2 Dennis Johnson
- BobLfoot Bob Lightfoot
- Sonar_Guy Scott Glaser
- EvilBob Robert 'Bob' Jensen

About Fedora Unity Re-Spins

Fedora Unity has taken up the Re-Spin task to provide the community with the chance to install Fedora with recent updates already included. This is a community project, for and by the community. You can contribute to the community by joining our test process.

Fedora Unity Fedora Re-spin 20100303 released

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