Fedora Core 4 Update: lam-7.1.1-6.FC4
Posted on: 07/13/2005 03:09 AM

A lam update has been released for Fedora Core 4

Fedora Update Notification

Product : Fedora Core 4
Name : lam
Version : 7.1.1
Release : 6.FC4
Summary : The LAM (Local Area Multicomputer) programming environment.
Description :
LAM (Local Area Multicomputer) is an Message-Passing Interface (MPI) programming environment and development system for heterogeneous computers on a network. With LAM/MPI, a dedicated cluster or an existing network computing infrastructure can act as one parallel computer to solve one problem. LAM/MPI is considered to be "cluster friendly" because it offers daemon-based process startup/control as well as fast client-to-client message passing protocols. LAM/MPI can use TCP/IP and/or shared memory for message passing (different RPMs are supplied for this -- see the main LAM website at http://www.mpi.nd.edu/lam/ for details).

LAM features a full implementation of MPI version 1 (with the exception that LAM does not support cancelling of sends), and much of version 2. Compliant applications are source code portable between LAM and any other implementation of MPI. In addition to meeting the standard, LAM/MPI offers extensive monitoring capabilities to support debugging. Monitoring happens on two levels: On one level, LAM/MPI has the hooks to allow a snapshot of a process and message status to be taken at any time during an application run. The status includes all aspects of synchronization plus datatype map/signature, communicator group membership and message contents (see the XMPI application on the main LAM website). On the second level, the MPI library can produce a cumulative record of communication, which can be visualized either at runtime or post-mortem.

Update Information:

o Build shared libraries
o Enable use on x86_64 platform
* Fri Jul 8 2005 Jason Vas Dias lt;jvdias@redhat.comgt; - 2:7.1.1-6

- fix bug 161028
- build for FC4 updates

* Mon Jun 27 2005 Tom "spot" Callaway lt;tcallawa@redhat.comgt; - 2:7.1.1-5

- enable shared libraries
- don't list /usr/share/* in files

* Sun May 22 2005 Jeremy Katz lt;katzj@redhat.comgt; - 2:7.1.1-4

- use -fPIC on x86_64 (reported by spot to get things building for Extras)

This update can be downloaded from:

cb43ec8de29511b21d765a23e82288f9 SRPMS/lam-7.1.1-6.FC4.src.rpm
b35d3b45ef94f33e3d32a053989c17b3 ppc/lam-7.1.1-6.FC4.ppc.rpm
e280bd64f730bb707ac4cb5f0cec65c9 ppc/debug/lam-debuginfo-7.1.1-6.FC4.ppc.rpm
389f577da739717d483af8427060f4e2 x86_64/lam-7.1.1-6.FC4.x86_64.rpm
d63d2f2385969db44fc975e93fbae54f x86_64/debug/lam-debuginfo-7.1.1-6.FC4.x86_64.rpm
58ece9de29ce1f2b71399af681ec99ad i386/lam-7.1.1-6.FC4.i386.rpm
885ac4ef907119e0e428ae617eaccae5 i386/debug/lam-debuginfo-7.1.1-6.FC4.i386.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.

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