Fedora Core 3 Update: udev-039-10.FC3.1
Posted on: 11/08/2004 12:40 PM

An udev update has been released for Fedora Core 3

Fedora Update Notification

Product : Fedora Core 3
Name : udev
Version : 039
Release : 10.FC3.1
Summary : A userspace implementation of devfs
Description :
udev is a implementation of devfs in userspace using sysfs and /sbin/hotplug. It requires a 2.6 kernel to run properly.

Update Information:

Due to debugging code left accidently in the FC3 udev package, SIGCHLD signals are blocked in udev, which prevents getting the proper exit status in udev.rules. This means no cdrom symlinks are created and pam_console does not apply desktop user ownerships to any cdrom devices.

All users are urged to upgrade to this version after the installation of Fedora Core 3.

* Thu Nov 04 2004 Harald Hoyer harald@redhat.com - 039-10

- speed improvement, scripts in rules are now executed only once, instead of four times

* Thu Nov 04 2004 Harald Hoyer harald@redhat.com - 039-9

- removed wrong SIG_IGN for SIGCHLD
- moved ide media check to script to wait for the procfs

This update can be downloaded from:

fce34e8e8ab6a54d07c46d2626529e22 SRPMS/udev-039-10.FC3.1.src.rpm
e86fc1ec12edddd4f7ca68bfebe956cc x86_64/udev-039-10.FC3.1.x86_64.rpm
8b69da0b3adb624a11fc8185f98bada6 x86_64/debug/udev-debuginfo-039-10.FC3.1.x86_64.rpm
7df95371172d0b52452df76612cf674d i386/udev-039-10.FC3.1.i386.rpm
9897ebb971ab099de04c9ceb1ad31b57 i386/debug/udev-debuginfo-039-10.FC3.1.i386.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.

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