Fedora Core 3 Update: kdetoys-3.4.2-0.fc3.1
Posted on: 08/15/2005 06:57 PM

A new update is available for Fedora Core - Fedora Core 3 Update: kdetoys-3.4.2-0.fc3.1. Here the announcement:

Fedora Update Notification

Product : Fedora Core 3
Name : kdetoys
Version : 3.4.2
Release : 0.fc3.1
Summary : K Desktop Environment - Toys and Amusements
Description :
Toys for the K Desktop Environment.

Includes: kmoon (displays various phases of the moon); kworldwatch
(displays where in the world it is light and dark depending on time), and
kodo (a mouse odometer which shows how far your mouse has traveled).

Update Information:

update to KDE 3.4.2
* Fri Aug 5 2005 Than Ngo <than@redhat.com> 7:3.4.2-0.fc3.1
- update to 3.4.2

* Mon Oct 18 2004 Than Ngo <than@redhat.com> 7:3.3.1-2
- rebuilt

This update can be downloaded from:

5ff06672c18a97b8144342135df8a3a8 SRPMS/kdetoys-3.4.2-0.fc3.1.src.rpm
e41f2308437f5eb8ace5466a457befc8 x86_64/kdetoys-3.4.2-0.fc3.1.x86_64.rpm
2aa24bfefd131636e5f8023c1e7bdb6c i386/kdetoys-3.4.2-0.fc3.1.i386.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.

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