Fedora Core 2 Update: dovecot-0.99.13-4.FC2
Posted on: 01/18/2005 12:01 PM

New dovecot packages are available for Fedora Core 2

Fedora Update Notification

Product : Fedora Core 2
Name : dovecot
Version : 0.99.13
Release : 4.FC2
Summary : Dovecot Secure imap server
Description :
Dovecot is an IMAP server for Linux/UNIX-like systems, written with security primarily in mind. It also contains a small POP3 server. It supports mail in either of maildir or mbox formats.

Update Information:

This is a bug fix update for the Dovecot IMAP server. This brings the Red Hat Dovecot rpm up to date with the latest upstream release from Timo Sirainen, version 0.99.13 released on Jan 6th 2005.

Upstream Fixes are noted below and below that are Red Hat specific fixes.

Please note there have been some changes to the /etc/dovecot.conf file. When the rpm installs it may create /etc/dovecot.conf.rpmnew file with the new version of the config file while preserving your previous /etc/dovecot.conf file if you have modified the config file. It would be prudent to compare the two files and see if you need to adjust your configuration.

In dovecot-0.99.13-3.FC2 authentication support using postgres and mysql was enabled requiring these rpms. This was a change from the previous dovecot rpm in FC2. This version of the rpm reverts back to not building with postgres and mysql support to match previous dependencies and features with the FC2 version of dovecot.

This version of the rpm also reverts a configuration file change that appeared in dovecot-0.99.13-3.FC2 which had disabled overriding the default mbox_locks value of "fcntl dotlock". This caused the creation of dotlocks in addition to fcntl. This was a change from the previous behavior and created some problems. The previous mbox_lock value of fcntl only was restored to the config file.

Aside from the upstream fixes notable change in the RPM include:

- University of Washington Imap (UW Imap) migration documentation and scripts in the doc area (/usr/share/doc/dovecot-*)

- More example configurations in the doc area.

- The script to generate SSL certificates (mkcert in the doc area) now is congruent with Red Hat's OpenSSL rpm.

- The init.d script now starts dovecot later (it used to start it before named). If this problem was affecting your installation you'll have to chkconfig del and add to recreate the rc.d sym links, new installations will automatically pick up the new start order.

- Add a Red Specific FAQ to the doc area, mostly to address issues some sites were having with dot lock file creation.

====== Upstream Fixes =====


* GNUTLS support hasn't been working for a while, so it's not even tried to be used anymore unless explicitly wanted.
+ Added CRAM-MD5 authentication mechanism. Patch by Joshua Goodall
+ Added SMD5 and LDAP-MD5 password schemes and changed MD5 scheme to use LDAP-MD5 if the password isn't in MD5crypt format. Patch by Joshua Goodall
+ Workaround for some POP3 client bugs: if message doesn't contain the "end of headers" empty line, add it automatically.
+ vpopmail supports now all password schemes, most importantly MD5crypt works now without support from libc's crypt()
- SQL and LDAP authentication was broken
- SEARCH UNKEYWORD wasn't working


- Fix memory leaks in LDAP, MySQL and PGSQL userdb/passdb
- Fix hanging when parsing mails that have over 4096 bytes in one
line (SMTP servers normally don't allow over 1000 bytes so it shouldn't be much of a problem)
- FETCH BODYSTRUCTURE sometimes gave a wrong reply
(eg. with FETCH (BODYSTRUCTURE RFC822.SIZE) if it wasn't cached)
- Never return more than one INBOX in LIST even if there are such
files. They don't work anyway and it just confuses clients.
- mbox: Don't allow creating INBOX directory by creating/renaming
mailboxes under it. They just wouldn't work.
- POP3: Don't return PLAIN in SASL list. We don't support initial SASL
responses, so it only breaks with most clients that try to use it.
- IMAP and POP3 login processes may have sent each line in two IP
packets, one with the data and another with CR+LF. Some clients
didn't work because of this.


+ 127.* and ::1 IP addresses are treated as secured with
disable_plaintext_auth = yes
+ auth_debug setting for extra authentication debugging
+ Some documentation and error message updates
+ Create PID file in /var/run/dovecot/master.pid
+ home setting is now optional in static userdb
+ Added mail setting to static userdb
- After APPENDing to selected mailbox Dovecot didn't always notice the
new mail immediately which broke some clients
- THREAD and SORT commands crashed with some mails
- If APPENDed mail ended with CR character, Dovecot aborted the saving
- Output streams sometimes sent data duplicated and lost part of it.
This could have caused various strange problems, but looks like in
practise it rarely caused real problems.

====== Red Hat RPM Fixes =====

- fix bug #145214, mbox_lock is fcntl only in config file, remove dotlock default
- fix bug #145241, remove errant dependency on primary postgres mysql rpms
- add REDHAT-FAQ.txt to doc directory
- fix bug #143707, bring up to date with latest upstream, 0.99.13,
- fix bug #14462, bad dovecot-uid macro name
- fix bug #133618, removed LITERAL+ capability from capability string
- fix bug #134325, stop dovecot during installation
- fix bug #129539, dovecot starts too early,
set chkconfig to 65 35 to match cyrus-imapd
- fix bug #139954, add UW to Dovecot migration documentation and scripts
- fix bug #139276, fix SSL documentation and scripts, add missing documentation
- fix bug #136623 Change License field from GPL to LGPL to reflect
actual license
- fix bug #124786, listen to ipv6 as well as ipv4

* Mon Jan 17 2005 John Dennis jdennis@redhat.com 0.99.13-4.FC2

- fix bug #145214, force mbox_locks to fcntl only
- fix bug #145241, remove building of postgres mysql auth support for FC2

This update can be downloaded from:

d35b3ec8813d46573cf98ad9c7b5a07c SRPMS/dovecot-0.99.13-4.FC2.src.rpm
73cf6874f03aabebb0b7cabd0ea5cf50 x86_64/dovecot-0.99.13-4.FC2.x86_64.rpm
cc0270db6d8d2c57b1352218b389b654 x86_64/debug/dovecot-debuginfo-0.99.13-4.FC2.x86_64.rpm
8e375fa66ddea24ab6123132f60e06c2 i386/dovecot-0.99.13-4.FC2.i386.rpm
5e4f4c63a2986fc3582eaaae4e73b9ea i386/debug/dovecot-debuginfo-0.99.13-4.FC2.i386.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.

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