Fedora Core 2 Schedule Updated
Posted on: 02/11/2004 07:02 AM

Red Hat has updated the schedule for Fedora Core 2. The first beta (Test 1) will be released tomorrow.

We have set a very aggressive schedule for Fedora Core 2. Red Hat considers two items absolutely "stop-ship" — that is, we will slip the release if necessary to include them. These two items are the 2.6 Linux kernel and SELinux functionality integrated into the distribution. Other areas of technology that the Fedora Community (Red Hat and third parties together) will focus on will include GNOME 2.6 (tight schedule, particularly dependent on Gtk+ 2.4), KDE 3.2, more Java software using gcj (Ant, Tomcat, Jakarta, Eclipse, but not Mozilla plugins, AWT, or Swing), and integrating work on other architectures (at least AMD64, and possibly also SPARC).

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