Fedora Core 1 Update: XFree86-4.3.0-55 (stable)
Posted on: 02/13/2004 04:40 PM

Fedora Update Notification

Name : XFree86
Version : 4.3.0
Release : 55
Summary : The basic fonts, programs and docs for an X workstation.
Description :
XFree86 is an open source implementation of the X Window System. It provides the basic low level functionality which full fledged graphical user interfaces (GUIs) such as GNOME and KDE are designed upon.

Update Information:

Updated XFree86 packages that fix a privilege escalation vulnerability are now available.

XFree86 is an implementation of the X Window System, providing the core graphical user interface and video drivers.

iDefense discovered two buffer overflows in the parsing of the 'font.alias' file. A local attacker could exploit this vulnerability by creating a carefully-crafted file and gaining root privileges. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project (cve.mitre.org) has assigned the names CAN-2004-0083 and CAN-2004-0084 to these issues.

Additionally David Dawes discovered additional flaws in reading font files. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project (cve.mitre.org) has assigned the name CAN-2004-0106 to these issues.

All users of XFree86 are advised to upgrade to these erratum packages, which contain a backported fix and are not vulnerable to these issues.

Red Hat would like to thank David Dawes from XFree86 for the patches and notification of these issues.

* Thu Feb 12 2004 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-55

- Added {x11datadir}/X11/xinit back to package list, which seems to have been
inadvertently dropped during attempts to get package to compile on Red Hat
Linux 9 s390 builds earlier this week.

* Wed Feb 11 2004 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-54

- Added XFree86-4.3.0-libXfont-security-CAN-2004-0083-CAN-2004-0084-CAN-2004-0106.patch
to fix all recent security flaws in libXfont which are outlined in
CAN-2004-0083, CAN-2004-0084, CAN-2004-0106, discovered by iDefense, David
Dawes and others. This patch replace all previous libXfont patches from
XFree86 builds 4.3.0-49 through to present.
- Added XFree86-4.3.0-libXfont-security-CAN-2004-0083-CAN-2004-0084-CAN-2004-0106-v2.patch
which is the same as the above patch, but modified to cleanly apply to 4.3.0,
renamed to keep all patches present in src.rpm for comparative purposes.
- Built 4.3.0-54 with target build_yarrow for Fedora Core 1 erratum
- Built 4.3.0-54.EL with target build_taroon for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 erratum
- Built 4.3.0-2.90.54 with target build_shrike for Red Hat Linux 9 erratum

* Tue Feb 10 2004 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-53

- Added XFree86-4.3.0-security-dirname-CAN-2004-0106.patch which replaces
XFree86-4.3.0-security-fonts-alias-dirname3.patch, the new patch being the
same but without the second hunk, as the patch Keith wrote for CAN-2004-0083
and CAN-2004-0084 already handled that issue so there was a conflict.
- Built 4.3.0-53 with target build_yarrow for Fedora Core 1 erratum
- Built 4.3.0-53.EL with target build_taroon for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 erratum
- Built 4.3.0-2.90.53 with target build_shrike for Red Hat Linux 9 erratum

* Tue Feb 10 2004 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-52

- Added XFree86-4.3.0-security-fonts-alias-dirname3.patch in order to fix 2
additional buffer overflows in libXfont, discovered by iDefense and David
Dawes. No CVE assignment has been provided yet.
- Built 4.3.0-52 with target build_yarrow for Fedora Core 1 erratum
- Built 4.3.0-52.EL with target build_taroon for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 erratum
- Built 4.3.0-2.90.52 with target build_shrike for Red Hat Linux 9 erratum

* Tue Feb 10 2004 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-51

- Added XFree86-4.3.0-security-dirname-CAN-2004-0083-CAN-2004-0084-keithp.patch
alternative patch written by Keith Packard, to fix CAN-2004-0083 and
CAN-2004-0084 security issues
- Added XFree86-4.3.0-security-fonts-alias-dirname-CAN-2004-0084.patch to the
package, but disabled for now while we test the above patch from Keith
Packard which addresses both security issues.
- Built 4.3.0-51 with target build_yarrow for Fedora Core 1 erratum
- Built 4.3.0-51.EL with target build_taroon for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 erratum
- Built 4.3.0-2.90.51 with target build_shrike for Red Hat Linux 9 erratum

* Mon Feb 09 2004 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-50

- Fix issues detected in QA testing
- Built 4.3.0-50 with target build_yarrow for Fedora Core 1 erratum
- Built 4.3.0-50.EL with target build_taroon for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 erratum
- Built 4.3.0-2.90.50 with target build_shrike for Red Hat Linux 9 erratum

* Wed Feb 04 2004 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-2.90.49

- Built 4.3.0-2.90.49 with target build_shrike for Red Hat Linux 9 erratum
- Split {_x11datadir}/X11/etc/* glob previously wrapped using with_Xserver into a
with_xterm portion and with_Xterm portion with the dir being always included,
in order to work around obscure build failure on s390 on RHL 9. Yes this is
an insane problem to have to fix because we do not ship an RHL 9 s390 product
and never will. But we seek perfection however, and who knows, maybe next
week we will release a Red Hat Linux 9 port to s390 for consumer desktops or
something. <grin>
- Rename with_included_xterm macro to with_xterm for naming consistency with
other options, as it threw me off.

* Wed Feb 04 2004 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-49.EL

- Built 4.3.0-49.EL with target build_taroon for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 erratum

* Wed Feb 04 2004 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-49

- Added XFree86-4.3.0-security-fonts-alias-dirname-CAN-2004-0083.patch to
fix security issue in core fonts backend reported by iDefense in CAN-2004-0083
- Added build_maintainer_mode distribution version autodetection to simplify
local build testing procedures, added dist_ver macro, dist_test parameterized
macro (to keep jbj on his toes), and updated build_xxxx target autoconfig
when build_auto_mode is enabled. This only affects local builds, not any
Red Hat builds.
- Enabled radeon-agp-detection-using-capability-list-walk patch on all builds,
which was inadvertently left off on some due to misplaced macro conditional
- Built 4.3.0-49 with target build_yarrow for Fedora Core 1 erratum

* Sun Feb 01 2004 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-45.0.2.EL.test

- Rebuilt with build_taroon for RHEL 3 testing

* Sat Jan 31 2004 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-45.0.2

- Added XFree86-4.3.0-Xserver-dix-xkb-key-repeating-bug-CVS-backport.patch
to fix a bug in DIX when xkb is being used that causes keys to repeat
spuriously on some hardware under certain system loads. This patch has been
backported from the 4.3.0-48 developmental head package. (#76959,114635)
- Added XFree86-4.3.0-XRes-IncludeSharedObjectInNormalLib.patch to make
libXRes get built PIC for bug (#114292)
- Updated XFree86-4.3.0-missing-lib-sharedreqs.patch to remove dependancy on
libXt caused by improper dependancy listing in SharedXmuuReqs (#113336)

* Thu Jan 29 2004 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-45.0.1.EL.test

- Build test release for RHEL3 U2 testing

* Wed Jan 28 2004 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-45.0.1

- Temporary fork of 4.3.0-45 to add some patches for test builds, until post
4.3.0-45 (4.3.0-46 through 4.3.0-50) local-work-in-progress stuff is in
clean enough shape for tree inclusion
- Added XFree86-4.3.0-fixes-for-freetype-2.1.7-v2.patch so that XFree86 will
build properly against freetype 2.1.7 (#114343)

* Sun Nov 30 2003 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-45

- Implemented new AGP/PCI autodetection in the Radeon driver by examining PCI
configuration space and walking the PCI extended capabilities list in order
to determine if the device implements the AGP capability. This code should
work on _any_ AGP/PCI hardware generically and should be factored out into
generic X server code in future XFree86 releases so all drivers can benefit
from it. XFree86-4.3.0-radeon-agp-detection-using-capability-list-walk.patch
should fix all Radeon PCI/AGP autodetection bugs, including (#111191). Some
AGP Radeon users may experience a performance boost with this new driver if
their card was misdetected and treated as PCI before, as pcigart mode works
on AGP hardware, but is slower than using AGP.
- Fixed build_rawhide to work the same as build_yarrow everywhere since the
two are functionally identical for the time being.

* Wed Nov 26 2003 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-44.EL

- Rebuilt 4.3.0-44 as 4.3.0-44.EL for RHEL3 QU1 update

* Wed Nov 26 2003 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-44

- Added XFree86-4.3.0-libfontenc-IncludeSharedObjectInNormalLib.patch to fix
KDE build problem on AMD64 which links to the static libfontenc library and
fails because it wasn't compiled with -fPIC, reported in bug (#111058)
- Enable the open source vmware_drv.o video driver that ships with XFree86 on
all builds now, to supply this driver as-is to users as a convenience
although it is still unsupported by Red Hat. Users encountering video or
other X related problems with this driver, need to report their problems
directly to XFree86.org, or to VMware Inc.
- Rebuild in rawhide for FC2 development

* Fri Nov 14 2003 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-43.1

- Added XFree86-4.3.0-nv-riva-videomem-autodetection-debugging.patch to be
able to debug Riva TNT memory autodetection problems in the future (#109459)
- Added new build_rawhide flag to wrap experimental changes and test patches
with for Rawhide builds
- Rename rpm macro from tlssubdir to _tlsdir, and enforce it's usage everywhere
in the spec file

* Mon Nov 03 2003 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-2.90.43

- Rebuild 4.3.0-43 for Red Hat Linux 9 erratum with build_shrike set

* Mon Nov 03 2003 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-43

- Updated to XFree86-4.3.0-xf-4_3-branch-2003-11-03.patch to pick up latest
fixes in the XFree86 4.3.x stable branch including:
- Fix for crash on ia64 because of wrong setjmp buffer alignment (John Dennis)
- Close freetype fontfile filehandle in mkfontscale, this prevents problems
from limitation of simultaniously open files
- Fixed erronous freeing of DisplayModeRec in xf86DeleteMode() when
deleting the modePool in xf86PruneDriverModes() the 'prev' member has
a different meaning for modePool modes than for ScrnInfoPtr->modes modes
where it creates a doubly linked list
- Fix some i830+ VT switch/exit crashes
- Fix DRM_CAS on ia64 as used by the DRI (Bugzilla #778, John Dennis).
- Removed XFree86-4.3.0-Xlib-XIM-bugfix-from-XFree86-bugzilla.patch,
- Updated XFree86-4.3.0-ia64-drm-locking.patch as part of it is in the stable
branch patch now.
- Updated some spec file comments, and other mostly cosmetic changes.
- Fixed some mistakes in spec file changelog dates.

* Wed Oct 29 2003 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-42.2

- Enable new Radeon support patches for shrike builds also to support newer
Radeon hardware, so future erratum picks up these enhancements.
- Backport XFree86-4.3.0-RandR-refresh-rate-rounding-error-fix-from-CVSHEAD.patch
from CVS HEAD in order to fix bug (#108008)
- Added XFree86-4.3.0-vidmode-SEGV-fix-from-CVS-HEAD.patch, backported from
CVS HEAD to fix a SEGV in the vidmode extension (#101276)
- Renamed build_cambridge target to build_yarrow to indicate the change from
project name to final product name.
- Added XFree86-4.3.0-rendition-complete-driver-backport-CVS20031031.patch which
is a backport of the rendition driver from CVS head, including a couple bug
fixes and the rest of changes are cosmetic. (#108693)
- Disabled XFree86-4.3.0-rendition-disable-cause-of-SEGV.patch which should now
be obsolete from above rendition driver backport.

* Fri Oct 24 2003 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 4.3.0-42

- This release is the long awaited answer to the meaning of life, the universe
and everything.
- Added XFree86-4.3.0-redhat-exec-shield-GNU-stack.patch to make the complete
XFree86 build including Mesa et al. exec-shield friendly (arjanv, mharris)
- Updated to new XFree86-4.3.0-Mesa-SSE-fixes-from-MesaCVS-v2.patch which
should fix compatibility problems between DRI and 2.6.x kernels which were
caused by the previous version of this patch. Linus reported the fix for
this with details of the problem, and explanation of the solution, which I
extracted out of CVS (#107932,106566,107829)

This update can be downloaded from:

46d4fad36fa397d351705442806a55f8 SRPMS/XFree86-4.3.0-55.src.rpm
eaa18d075933f605fb6c19a9b180ec1c i386/XFree86-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
daacc9c8fe9b6c9f5f5771a8b0cf87bc i386/XFree86-devel-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
569907746b3a7d477f787dbe73401fd7 i386/XFree86-font-utils-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
8e8f3b42277228aa45f0c872c3a65b8d i386/XFree86-xfs-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
26ee40c0d60377f5ce1b8194c5466d4a i386/XFree86-twm-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
e7e81b18626ae9a344e5574174420e32 i386/XFree86-xdm-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
27789e66d96649e7e8bf62a307f5e68d i386/XFree86-libs-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
b430abfefec36784e994ed5bf83d3ad9 i386/XFree86-libs-data-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
46cf2ad73245f4ac966b7454bd310d88 i386/XFree86-base-fonts-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
52b542cad1b247baadcea05e2e1c91dd i386/XFree86-truetype-fonts-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
fb9cc6191cb98dd93ef6ec71a167fb7e i386/XFree86-syriac-fonts-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
fb2926cae361d65cf6c78a7ca7ce88d8 i386/XFree86-75dpi-fonts-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
f0415822893f04c481ebfc473ffdff22 i386/XFree86-100dpi-fonts-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
efde62414088faf5789179176e6911e1 i386/XFree86-ISO8859-2-75dpi-fonts-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
0cc9300e3c46d2d0346af3c2d0664834 i386/XFree86-ISO8859-2-100dpi-fonts-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
8c6f63975595f1bbb3f5404322230c5a i386/XFree86-ISO8859-9-75dpi-fonts-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
06cf300fb6b9c8c6eed3092d0ad1d3bb i386/XFree86-ISO8859-9-100dpi-fonts-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
52c0f8f22e413279afee17df2ae2bb78 i386/XFree86-ISO8859-14-75dpi-fonts-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
b24b694caeee5c983cacbfc6937fce49 i386/XFree86-ISO8859-14-100dpi-fonts-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
27e52ae1bb82fa59f9a1ae6c331bcce9 i386/XFree86-ISO8859-15-75dpi-fonts-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
d6d91aa0756c9519bfe6de3ad6af3809 i386/XFree86-ISO8859-15-100dpi-fonts-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
e071fc5a16476dbf7d9c321ec088a384 i386/XFree86-cyrillic-fonts-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
6cb9ea90c43132853e8809aaff48a267 i386/XFree86-doc-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
700d174f88e364cefe89bf5dcaf93033 i386/XFree86-Xnest-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
1d81c120f7775261ee76b4ecd521485d i386/XFree86-Xvfb-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
22718bdd290a8c7b86e12a7924531e55 i386/XFree86-tools-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
d4cbd6bd883f061d091458ce02a3f487 i386/XFree86-xauth-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
6477ce536f8d084b48ae7aa9cf30c5c0 i386/XFree86-Mesa-libGL-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
949ea216b0666dc971cd369661a49ec8 i386/XFree86-Mesa-libGLU-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm
89e0f5723f835b75dd265d8e7f40ab1e i386/XFree86-sdk-4.3.0-55.i386.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.

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